They see us rollin’

I’m feeling nostalgic and a bit emotional today. I’ve just posted Mitch’s baby bike seat for sale on a Facebook classified page. We’re finally updating our ride; my little guy is growing up.

One of the major lifestyle changes we made when we moved to Belize was going without a motorized vehicle. We made a conscious choice not to get a vehicle here, forcing us to be more active and walk or bike the peninsula. It’s been surprisingly easy! Most days I never even wish for a car; the village is basically 1 square mile so you can happily walk to everything. When we want to get somewhere outside of the village we take public transportation or have been fortunate enough to bum rides from friends. Rarely do we find a need to rent a car.

So when Mitch out grew the stroller (I swear I put at least 700 miles on that thing!) we started biking more. I was totally enamored with the Ibert bike seat because it mounted on the front of my bike instead of the back like traditional seats. It felt safer to me, Mitch liked it better because he had an unobstructed view of the road instead of staring at an ever-increasing sweat stain above my butt, and when he leaned from side to side it didn’t throw the whole bike off balance. We used this seat on a daily bases- running to the vegetable stand, dropping off at school or camp, just enjoying a swing around town in the sunshine. In fact we took it with us when we went for an extended stay on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker and put it on the used bikes we bought out there.

Our main mode of transportation, but Mitch is 4 years-old now and getting too big for a baby seat (not to mention its sort of un-cool to be ridden to school by your mom in a baby seat). I knew it was past time to get Mitch riding his own bike but the drivers on this peninsula are crazy and I can’t trust him to listen to my instructions and stay close to the side of the road and make cautious turns or keep an eye open for cars backing out of parking lots. I can just imagine tragedy befalling us if I set him loose on a bike of his own. So we ordered a co-pilot from Amazon and waited for the next scheduled delivery from the shipping company we use.

This is the seat we had

and this is our new ride

Mitch is loving his upgrade and we’re keeping with our no-vehicle-resolution. If you see us rolling around the peninsula give a wave and do as Caye Caulker advises: Go Slow!


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