Things I’ll miss about America- Blueberries, Baked Brie and Jelly Bellies

I found this post hanging out in my Drafts from 2015- before we sold everything and moved to Belize to build our new life.  Looking back is fun with our perspective now as immigrants... this post holds true! I DO miss these things.  Side note- the blackberries here aren't what you're probably picturing.  They happen to be dropping now though so maybe I need to write a new post about Belizean Blackberries! (They'll never be as good as NJ blueberries though)

We live just a half an hour’s drive from Hammonton, NJ: The Blueberry Capital of the World. Of the world! New Jersey farms produce over 50 million pounds of blueberries annually. Most of those million LBs are grown right here in Atlantic County so each summer our grocery stores and farmers markets are flooded with fresh, cheap, sweet NJ blueberries. We buy them by the flat and eat them by the pint alone, sprinkled in salads and on cereal, or blended in smoothies. Freeze a bunch and enjoy them all year long. God I love blueberries. I will miss them dearly when we move to Belize. The trade-off? Belize has blackberries, cashew, bananas, cacao (what chocolate is made from!), mangoes, and my favorite- coconuts! With a little internet research I just learned that figs can grow in Belize. I certainly wouldn’t mind a fig tree in my yard. You know how I like to use figs? In baked brie… oh darn, that’s another thing I’ll miss! How great is cheese? Even the dumpiest supermarkets in America have a selection of cheeses to choose from. Cheddars, blues, Swiss, Gouda, Provolone, Havarti, Asiago, Gruyère. When we ventured in to markets in Placencia and San Pedro we learned that cheese in general was hard to find and if you found it it was likely of the Kraft Singles variety- artificially orange and of questionable consistency. Specialty stores like Wine de Vine in San Pedro sell good cheese (I’m sure it’s not cheap) and the Mennonites make goat cheese if you head inland to the Cayo District. I’d definitely splurge on cheese ever now and then; probably more often than not. Life is short- eat cheese.  Another little treat I’ve been enjoying on a nearly daily basis this summer are Jelly Belly jellybeans. So. Damn. Good. 50 flavors and I like nearly all of them (popcorn and caramel corn- nope). Then there’s the Snapple flavors and soda shoppe collection… Dr. Pepper?!? Stop! It’s a great time to be alive, am I right? At least I can bring a jelly bean supply down with me when I move and friends and family can bring some in their luggage when they come to visit. I wonder if other ex-pats miss these particular things…?

Grocery store cheese selections in Belize have improved but cheese still isn't cheap.  Also I have been fully without a Jelly Belly supply for well over a year so if any Good Samaritan visiting Placencia wants to bring me some....

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