Turtle Inn Resort with Kids

Turtle Inn, a Coppola Family Hideaway Resort (yes Coppola, as in Francis Ford Coppola, the famous film director/ wine maker/ a bunch of other things), in Placencia is eco-luxury high-end rustic dreamy indulgence.  I envision well dressed, gym-toned, expensive smelling people lounging around in big sunglasses drinking vintage wines when I envision a vacation at Turtle Inn.  But did you know they also cater to families (not just pseudo celebs and venture capitalists)?!?  Our little guy, Mitch, and his friends had the distinct pleasure of attending a Turtle Inn Kids Camp last weekend and he is still talking about it.

What is there do to at Turtle Inn for kids?  A mini spa treatment? A wine cellar tour?  No, but there is a surprising amount of activities that kids will actually love.  First up: a Mitch favorite (and one of the only times I allow him to step foot on the property because it’s out front by the main entrance and not too near the restaurant or gift shop or anything)- feeding the turtles!  They like lettuce and other things but bananas are a favorite.

Then it was on to the organic garden and chicken coop to collect some eggs and give the girls some nibbles.  Did you know chickens like to snack on herbs?  Cilantro and mint- yum!

If feeding animals wasn’t good enough then how about catching them?  Fishing fun for the small fries!  Lagoon-side docks provide a perfect spot for novice fishermen (fisherkids?) to have some fun with catch-and-release. 

Are we having fun yet?  You bet we are!  Turtle Inn- put the cherry on top now….ice-cream!  Ice cream was enjoyed while coloring on freshly collected eggs and pictures of the chickens and turtles.

The kids LOVED their experience and were so grateful to have this opportunity that is typically only available to families staying at the resort (for $80, totally worth it for a few hours of adult-only-quiet-time on your Caribbean vacation).  So if you’re looking to splurge on a family getaway don’t discount Turtle Inn as a couples only retreat- kids love Turtle Inn too!

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