Unique Shopping in Placencia

Tis the season! Thinking about gifts? Shop small and local- and score some truly special and unique items to brighten your holidays. Placencia is hosting a new event bringing together artisans, crafters, and other merchants of Belizean-made products- all in one location, for one day only.

The Belize Travelling Market is a new initiative that will occur monthly at different locations throughout the country but the inaugural occurrence will happen HERE in Placencia Village this Saturday, December 19th, on the basketball court….and I’m going to be part of it! Not just as a customer but as a peddler too!

That’s right- my quarantine crafts have evolved enough that I am going to present them to the public. While there are some nay-sayers (mainly my best frienemy, Cindy Flowers, who calls my crafts “BS” hahaha) out there, I think I’m ready to go public.

I spent weeks on end perfecting my sourdough process; it takes 2 days to yield the perfect loaf and involves folding not kneading. Now I can churn out some delightfully soft and chewy sourdough. I’ve even experimented with add-ins and flavors: Cinnamon Raisin, Lemon Pepper, Olive, Onion and Herb, Cranberry Walnut, Sun Dried Tomato and Basil. I think I’ve gained five pounds perfecting this bread.

Wine bottles (did anyone else find themselves with a bunch of empty wine bottles after lock down? was so weird- they seemed to just keep stacking up) got upcycled in to hanging planters. If you leave them uncorked they are self-draining so you can keep them outside through rainy season and they’ll never overflow or get moldy. How boho chic are these with the macramé?!? I’ve been pumping out planters all week in preparation for this market day… and if they don’t sell, guess what all my neighbors and friends are getting for Christmas!

I’m sharing a tent with Marie who makes jewelry, home decor, reusable food wraps, makeup remover pads, and more! I’ve been lusting after these earrings of hers for ages! I think I might just have to treat myself to a pair this weekend.

Hope to see everyone come through the market on Saturday and don’t forget to follow Covid Protocols!

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