Week recap- showers

Last week’s theme was showers.  Rain showers, or rather torrential downpours resulted in some fairly significant damage to roads and bridges in Belize as well as flooded many communities around the country.  Seen here in some photos from Belize Breaking News:

But after the rain… we celebrated!  Baby showers!  We celebrated our friends the Kramers who moved here from the US right around the same time we did.  We became quick friends; sharing the experiences of parenthood (we both had little blond boys in diapers at the time) and navigating the triumphs and trials of building a life on the peninsula.  It was a bitter sweet celebration because it was also a farewell party.  Because of multiple factors but mainly due to expecting a baby during a pandemic and not having access to easy international travel, the Kramers have decided to take a big Belize break and move back to family in the US.  I won’t express here how much we’ll miss this implausibly photogenic family, but it will be more than just their pretty faces we pine for.

We also showered Natalie (everyone’s all time favorite Tipsy server) and Kenford (remember my bee guy?) who are expecting a little girl in just one month- I’m so excited!

Then of course the rains cleared out just in time for the Sahara Dust to reach us and the rest of the Caribbean, the result has been a couple of consistently hazy days and very dirty screens in all the windows.

Belize has announced plans to re-open the international airport to travels on August 15th with many rules and restrictions; we’re all still slogging through the details and deciphering what it’ll mean for us but I’ll post on it tomorrow when I think I have the details hammered out.

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