Where to eat this weekend in Placencia

I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life… but I’m sorta telling you how to live your life.  If you’re in Placencia THIS weekend, I want to tell you where to eat.


The Placencia Beach Club and The Little Wine Bar collaborate once again for their much acclaimed, Flights and Bites event.  I’ve attended one of these and wrote about it before: remember? Such a fun evening of sampling and the location is fantastic; beachfront, open-air, Caribbean charm.  Don’t miss this special event on Friday night.


Weekends in Belize are all about the BBQ.  Family barbeques, beach barbeques, fundraiser barbeques.  You’re probably going to eat some grilled meat this weekend anyway, make your meal matter in the life of someone struggling.  This Saturday, community champions, Ashley Westby and Sheldon Lopez, have organized a BBQ fundraiser to benefit a young mother that was the victim of a brutal domestic violence incident.  The attack left her grievously injured.  Imagine recovering from a vicious attack while caring for you children and preparing for a criminal trial then being further burdened by massive medical bills you have no hope of paying on your own any time soon.  She needs over $15,000 just for medical expenses that she’s expected to pay now; who knows if she’ll ever win restitution for that from her attacker.  Despicable! Let’s show this family love and support during this most challenging of times- swing by the pier on Saturday to make your donations and enjoy Big Becks delicious BBQ too.


Breakfast (or any meal) at De’Tatch.  De’Tatch, on the beach between SeaSpray and the Ellysian, is an enduring institution in Placencia Village and for good reason: the atmosphere and the food are both great.  Especially popular is the breakfast, specifically the fry jacks.  My stomach rumbles just thinking about them!  De’Tatch has been closed during the pandemic and finally re-opens this weekend, much to the excitement of locals and repeat visitors to the peninsula.

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