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-aspiring expats
-vacation addicts
-beach bums
-adventure seekers

I’m Megan Rodden and my husband is Phil Nagengast.

We were your average 30-somethings living a typical suburban life in southern New Jersey and dreaming of escaping the cold winters, high cost of living, and monotony of our 9-to-5’s.

Phil and megan on beach

Wouldn’t it be great to trade it all in for swaying palm trees, crystalline water, warm and sunny beaches that can be enjoyed year-round? Of course it would be! I’m guessing most of you have had a similar dream but few have taken the leap.

Few have pulled the trigger. Few have made the plans, taken the steps and carried through the actions of moving abroad. In our opinion the American Dream gets more expensive every year and we’re not buying it anymore… We’re fed up, disenfranchised!

So we’re shirking off the shackles of our American consumerism culture and flying south to the sunny shores of Belize–a Central American country on the Caribbean Sea that’s practically the same size as NJ is.

This blog chronicles our journey to becoming expats and building our new-normal in Belize.

© 2014 Megan Rodden and Phil Nagengast.