June 23, 2024

13 thoughts on “Belize and All-Inclusive Resorts- Why it isn’t the Done Thing

  1. We loved our ADVENTURE to Belize in 2020! However we did discover that we could find our own food, prepare our own (better) drinks (thanks to all of the amazing fresh juices), BUT we can NOT travel without A/C! Even though we were steps from the sea the breezes did nothing to dispel the humidity at night. However this is a lesson that we are glad we learned. We don’t need all inclusive, we love adventure but we NEED air conditioning! Looking forward to returning to Belize!

  2. I think you need to check sirenian bay out in Placencia. We need premium all inclusive since 2020 and our guest are encouraged to dine outer places as well but all inclusive has helped get us to #12 best resort Central America by Conde Nash this year.

  3. This was a really great article!
    Very well written and covered everything in a very real, honest and responsible way! Thank you! We visited in 2022 and exploring Belize, its culture and its foods made for a fun and unique adventurous experiences! The Mayan Ruins, snorkeling, sky diving and the FOOD!!! The people are so nice and they speak perfect English just like Puerto Rico!

      1. We also found Hamanasi near Hopkins to be an amazing all-inclusive with Hopkins being walking distance to see, shop and meet amazing locals!

  4. Mic drop!🎤 Your written piece is now my official communication for politely explaining to my high maintenance friends and family why they may NOT want to accompany me during my Belize visits! THANK YOU!🙏🏾

    1. oh nooooo!!! hahaha aw, shame! you’re a traveler, they’re vacationers- sounds like you just need to convert them and show them how awesome and authentic a trip can be beyond the buffets and bottomless daquiris

  5. I enjoyed a spectacular time in Belize in 2019. I look forward to returning. I was trying to convince one of my supervisors that they have excellent adventures for those who like to dive, and she had just returned from St. Lucia. I hope Belize does not become a mass-inclusive place for all the reasons you stated above.

    Lastly, I love your bio statement!

    1. Oh I hope not either! But more and more resorts are just trying to chase trends and meet the market’s demand and people THINK they want all inclusive because they don’t know any better teehee

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