May 22, 2024

2 thoughts on “Best hike in Southern Belize- Antelope Falls in Bocawina National Park

    1. Oh sorry I missed this earlier! Yes, I’ve just discovered a wonderful product for batlas and sand flies! I think its available at Home Depot and Target stores. The brand name is STEM (rooted in nature, optimized by science) and its one of these ‘natural’ essential oils sprays that is DEET free so I didn’t think it would be so good but it works like a charm and smells great too. It’s an oil which I think is why it works so well for the teeny tiny flies, they can’t penetrate it! It has more staying power than Skin So Soft. I ordered more and carry it my purse now for when I get stuck out at dusk and the sand flies start attaching my ankles

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