Billionaires in Belize

Daaaaammmnnn Daniel! That’s the biggest superyacht we’ve ever seen. Look what’s pulled in to port in Placencia: the Savannah.

Phil spotted this (and how could you miss it?!) massive mega yacht yesterday when he went down to pick Mitch up from school (PAC3, I’ve written about it here before). I had to know: who the H3LL is that???

Get the Google going… it’s Lukas Lundin’s yacht, the Swedish businessman who’s net worth is $2.5 billion. I. Can’t. Even. Fathom. The Lundin Group comprises of over a dozen companies primarily dealing in mining; mining for metals, diamonds, and of course- oil. Read more here.

They’re all over the globe! Their corporations are scattered throughout Africa, in Norway, Canada, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Malaysia! Hmm, what do you think they’re doing in Belize? Business or pleasure or a mixture of both?

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