May 22, 2024

7 thoughts on “Boozing it up in Belize- how to shop Duty Free upon arrival

  1. Meg, You forgot to mention that when you are checking out at Premiere, and only Premiere, and before they ring you up, if you say TACOGIRL, they give you 15% off! It sounds nuts and when I tell the person behind me in line, they look at me like I’m nuts and kind of don’t believe me (til I do it). Every little bit helps! But it really works. Save it for your friends or I guess the world knows now!

    1. That is a tried and true coupon code! Totally! I was really thinking it’s about darn time RealLifeRecess becomes a discount code don’t you think? Premier, make it happen!

    1. oh gosh, you know I’m not totally sure. I’ve never thought about it or looked in to it. There ARE duty free (as well as some gift shops) in Belize International departures side but I haven’t ever looked at the prices.

  2. Hi Meg,
    We’re traveling to Belize next week to visit friends that live there. Do you know what the fee schedule is if you go OVER the 1L limit or how would that work? Thanks!

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