June 23, 2024

7 thoughts on “Cheap Eats Placencia

  1. Agree with all your recommendations. ? We love Carmen’s fried tacos, stuffed fry jacks and tostada’s. Meat pies for breakfast! Never thought I would like them and now I’m totally addicted!
    Also agree with tamale assessment. Have tried to like them, to no avail ?
    Great article

  2. We are stuck in Canada this year and missing Belize Chinese fried chicken. Can you please find and share a recipe for this so we don’t have to suffer without it all year? Thank you.

  3. Been in Placencia Village for 6 weeks and have decided to celebrate “Street Food Friday” every week. Visited Crepes and Churros this past week- Pesto Chicken Crepe and churros for dessert- NICE! Burger Joint and Carmens are on the schedule so far.

    1. street food friday! that’s genius! you’re on to something: move over taco tuesday there’s a new kid in town You’ll have to let me know who you pick for top street food fare in the village

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