January 22, 2022


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,

    I thought I would mention that it looks like the word “dissapointed” is spelled incorrectly on your website. I’ve seen some tools to help with problems like this such as SpellAlert.com or WebsiteChecker.com. I just thought you should know!


  2. We are coming to Placencia with a 6 month old. Can you tell me whether we should bring disposable diapers or if they are reasonably priced in Placencia?

  3. Hi Megan & Phil, I’m happy to find you – do you still rent some of your space? I’m coming w friends in March, didn’t see your place on any sites & couldn’t remember the name of it.

    Also, we are curious about real story of COVID – the #’s look low (comparatively) before we finalize the trip so any input you have is appreciated!

    Looking forward to seeing, maybe staying w you guys again,

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