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Copal Tree Lodge in Southern Belize - Real Life Recess Copal Tree Lodge in Southern Belize

Copal Tree Lodge in Southern Belize

natural beauty of Belize's most southern district

Real Life Recess reviews Copal Tree Lodge in Toledo, Belize.  Often referred to as the forgotten district, a stay in Toledo might have the exact recipe for an unforgettable vacation.  Exploring Toledo is similar to an Easter Egg Hunt of hidden treasures—from lesser know ruins to exclusive jungle resorts to fantastic fishing spots.  Toledo is a cultural potpourri of proud, long-established communities of Maya, Mennonite, and Garifuna among others.

We had the pleasure of spending a night at the charming Copal Tree Lodge, an eco-luxury resort near the town of Punta Gorda.  Pass through acres of their organic farm and sugar cane fields then make a steep climb up their driveway to where the lodge is situated.  Panoramic views and friendly staff welcome you.  You get swag too!  As an eco-conscientious and sustainability-minded property they are committed to reducing use of plastics and waste so guests are gifted with reusable water flasks at check-in.  I love gifts and I’ve been using my bottle loads since our visit.

The rooms are comfortable and blend in to the nature that surrounds you- I loved our screened patio living room circled by jungle, it felt as if we were alone even though we were steps from the main lodge.  Some eco-resorts forego certain comforts but Copal Tree’s rooms have air conditioning and super-hot showers, this is a luxury resort after all.  Speaking of showers, look at the size of these things!

The resort has two swimming pools, a gym, several walking trails, a dock on the river with kayaks you can use, but most of the activity at the lodge revolves around the two-story bar and restaurant.  Beautiful décor and squashy sittees beckon you to flop with a perfectly handcrafted cocktail and either chat with other guests about their excursions or gaze up at the antics of a resident howler monkey family picking their way through the canopy.

Copal Tree Lodge prides its self on its award-winning restaurant and the onsite, organic farm supplies nearly all of the ingredients for the dishes you’ll enjoy here.  Menus are seasonal and the dinner specials change nightly.  I appreciate that the food is thoughtful and locally sourced but most of all I appreciate that the portions aren’t tiny as you’d expect from one of these fancy concept dining places.  It’s luxury, yes, but also a jungle lodge and when you’re touring ruins or fly fishing all day you need a substantial meal, not just a sustainable one.  Fancy and filling: how every restaurant should do it!

A hit with Mitch, the property at Copal Tree Lodge hides a very unusual feature.  Tramcars that carry you up and down the steep embankments.  One long track stretches from the Lodge to the riverside and a second, shorter track takes you from lodge to the Canopy Suites.  The trolleys travel slowly; it takes about 6 minutes one-way to reach the river.

For more resort info, all-inclusive packages, tours, and dining- visit their website:  https://www.copaltreelodge.com/  and for special offers find them on Facebook, that’s how we found out about the too-good-to-pass-up local’s special

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