February 29, 2024

11 thoughts on “Cost of Living in Belize- Groceries

  1. So true, cost of living is so personal and specific. I have never found an expat source that fits my lifestyle. You have to live it to know if it’s for you.

  2. Great post. I’ve always done lots of cooking. What I’m finding challenging is it’s too hot to turn on the oven! ?? we do love hummus and I’ve always made my own. Where do you buy tahini? Thanks for your feed back!

    1. Yes! the oven just adds to the heat in the house blah! I easily find tahini in most of the grocery stores but I hardly ever use it; I just use olive oil and garlic and whatever other seasonings and forget the tahini most of the time

  3. Best of news and so honest for better or worse…I’d love to get a blog on all your recipes you’ve done so far while living in Placencia.

      1. YES please! I came here to look for tips on grocery shopping on our upcoming trip. I’m making a list of restaurants & your cheap eats but would love some advice on recipes you make using local ingredients. (hummus from dried chickpeas??? do tell! I always used the canned variety and blend them up in my food processor. )

        1. Okay for sure- it’ll be fun but I’m warning you now I’m not top chef haha. Stay tuned for cho-cho recipes and belizean cheese dip (working on them now) Have you seen my stew chicken (the white gyal way) recipe?

  4. LOVE this! Such insightful info and tips for those of us still in research/dream mode. :) As always, thank you for the info and laughs! Keep ‘em coming.

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