June 23, 2024

4 thoughts on “Culture Shock- Welcome to Belize

  1. attitudes on distance, rain, and bugs. We are visiting Houston and we drove 15 mins /10 miles from dinner to the desert spot; “it’s so close; let’s go there!” Vs 20 mins in placencia feels like SOOO FAR! The truancy— if it’s raining; can’t go ! Don’t wanna get sick from wet feet! Bugs ; hardly notice and appreciate that could always be worse: dr fly is worse than sandflies/ mozzie, then botlass , then botfly, then scorpion, and anything is better than a snake, so why complaining?? Take a Benadryl, put vinegar/tobacco paste/baking soda/vervain , etc. Oh! Vervain!! Have u done a post on that yet?

    1. hahaha! 20 mins drive from Placencia IS far but barely takes you 10 miles- Caribbean Way might as well be freakin Belmopan in my opinion yet… I could jog there with a bit of determination. Too bizarre! Tobacco paste is a new one to me, you’ll have to explain that one. Vervain could be a great post!

  2. The “Ted Talk” from the GOB on where you could buy tacos during COVID….just about had me literally fall on the floor, as did the cemetery/hospital sign! As a “newbie” here, I am already used to the 10 minute power outages. I usually look at my clock (ok, my phone) to see exactly what time it is and if it’s more than 10 minutes, there must be an actual issue.
    And “unalived” by a serial killer…I am dying laughing over here. You can probably hear me all the way down at your place I’m laughing so literally out loud!!
    I shared this with a group of my close friends in the states to read. It’s just too good!! Hall of fame good!! But the cat calling, you are right. Top notch. There should be awards. And it certainly is a nice mood elevator cuz on some level you know they actually MEAN what they’ve said, tho in a far more complementary fashion than it verbally came to you.
    You hit all the topics, at least that I think about. Well done, Megan!!!

    1. aw thank you thank you hahaha! I’m glad you sorta enjoy the cat calling too- it can be annoying but it can also be really entertaining. I like the prize idea- we should order a bunch of tiny trophies to carry around and hand them out to the most inventive cat callers

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