Di Bruwry- di biggest pub in Belize

Bowen & Bowen Di Bruwry

“Daaammmmnnnn,” was what I thought when we pulled up to Bowen and Bowen’s new flagship pub, Di Bruwry.  This place is MASSIVE, and MODERN, and what the heck are we in North America right now?!  Bowen & Bowen, you have me shook.  It’s been quite awhile since we’ve ventured out of the village and up to the city so I was completely unprepared for this expansive and exquisite new facility near the International Airport in Ladyville, Belize.

Di Bruwry is Belize Brewing Company’s (a subdivision of the larger Bowen & Bowen Ltd.) latest and greatest endeavor.  The makers of Belize’s iconic beer, Belikin, are mixing things up while staying true to tradition.  Di Bruwry is a pub, a restaurant, a lounge, a gift shop, an event space, and a state-of-the-art craft brewery.  Innovation and history are seen side by side on site: Di Bruwry showcases the original copper kettles that brewed the first Belikin along with a new high-tech automated microbrew system.

The new equipment can distill smaller batches of beer, allowing Belikin to really experiment with different brews for the first time.  Think of Di Bruwry as the country’s test kitchen—they’re trying out some novel craft creations and I couldn’t be happier or more excited.  I’ve been clamoring for craft options in Belize since my first visit to the Jewel but besides the same old seasonal releases (Sorrel at Christmas time, Chocolate Stout around April or May) there was nothing else to choose from until Hobbs started producing on the peninsula.  (Read past posts here and here on Hobbs)  Well, hold on to your britches b!tches, because Belikin is busting out new brews for us!

You can get a flight of their experimental flavors.  At the moment they have a Fever Grass ale, Banana Bread beer, and Mami lager.  I can’t wait to get back and try them all again and taste what else they’ve come up with!

Not only is Di Bruwry a shrine for Belikin devotees, it’s a decidedly hip place to hang out.  Our party of Placencia peeps was seated upstairs in comfy couches overlooking the expansive dining room.  There was another loft with table games and an entire outdoor area I didn’t get to check out but I’m sure is a popular spot for weekend afternoons of giant Jenga and darts.

The food was phenomenal too- the best burger I’ve had in Belize.  I can see myself taking visiting friends and families here straight from an airport pick up; my only reservation would be setting such high expectations for the rest of their Belize stay… because there’s really nowhere else in the country that compares!  Have you tried any of the new beers?  What do you think?

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