Placencia Plant Pros go foraging again for a fundraiser

local fundraising event for domestic violence in belize

Back in our boots- at it again- plundering orange orchards in search of epiphytes.  This time the purpose isn’t purely selfish.  Ever the trendsetter, Cindy Flowers, has given loads of ladies on the peninsula plant envy with her fashionable flower arrangements and stylish bamboo creations.  Flashing photos of her green wall project on Facebook earned her lots of local accolades and comments of “I want one.”  Inspiration strikes: Cindy and I are old hands at putting the FUN in fundraising (example- the infamous Floatchella and the village wide Scavenger Hunt for the Volunteer Fire Department) and she thought of a way we could share the joy of epiphytes for a worthy cause.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember a recent post where-to-eat-this-weekend and that I mentioned a BBQ lunch fundraiser for Sindey Tut’s medical expenses.  Well, that fundraiser was a success and raised over $1500 bzd, but that is still well short of what’s needed.  If you aren’t familiar with Sindey’s saga; the short version of events is that she recently survived a brutal attack by her common-law husband that left her with significant cranial, facial, and dental damage.  She is a young (28 years old) mother of four of very modest means.  It is so upsetting to me how prevalent domestic violence is in Belize and how lenient the law seems to be on offenders- Sydney’s attacker is out on bail and I keep hearing people say that she will never see a penny from him for child support or these mammoth medical bills!  I hope that’s not true and that restitution will be ordered but, in the meanwhile, Sindey is facing the challenge of putting her family and herself back together after this catastrophe.

So Cindy and I are holding another fundraiser to benefit Sindey.  Here’s the details!


Build-your-own-mini-living-wall  We collected mountains of air plants!  All the varieties I mentioned before in this post and more.  Cindy’s handy helpers (her husband and his crew- they’re so great!) have been busy churning out bamboo-framed wire walls for you to decorate as you please with a variety of epiphytes and orchids.  Each attendee will create their own unique and beautiful mini green space.


At this time, we have 2 events planned with a third still tentative.  One event will by hosted in Placencia at The Little Wine Bar and one will be held at the new Lush Life Café near the 6 mile junction (Dangriga turn off) next to Xiobel Station.


The first event is this weekend- Saturday March 6th at 6pm at Lush Life Café. The Little Wine Bar event is Monday, March 15th.


Reserve your spot ahead of time with either me or Cindy (facebook message her) and make a donation of $50bzd.  Cindy will hate me for saying this because she likes to run an orderly event but if you didn’t happen to confirm ahead of time and just showed up to the event, we could probably accommodate you.  Like I said- we got mountains of plants.

Here are some photos of the collection process: organic, free-range, ethically stolen air plants from local Stann Creek orchards.  We were joined this time by Annie Tut, Sindey’s sister, and we went to their families’ orchard to harvest from there.  Sindey and the kids all pitched in picking!  Each plant was carefully, hand selected.

If you can’t attend one of these events but would still like to make a contribution you can do so through this Go Fund Me drive

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