Healthcare in Belize- Chiropractic Care comes to the Peninsula

healthcare in belize- chiropractor placencia

Placencia has gained a valuable service with the recent addition of the AmeriCare Caribbean Chiropractic practice located in the Tipsy Strip on the sidewalk.  Dr. Christopher Phillip joins the small pool of health and wellness practitioners on the peninsula and offers a service that has been much anticipated and frequently asked for by both locals and vacationers alike.

I met with Dr. Chris and his wife at their Placencia office, which is actually just a satellite practice to their main office located in Spanish Lookout.  They moved their family to Belize last year from Spain when the pandemic pushed the pedal to the metal on their 5-year relocation plan and had them packing their suitcases much sooner.  They closed their practices in Germany and the Netherlands to begin again in Belize.  They now split their time between the two offices; opening the Placencia branch Friday through Monday (closed Sunday except for emergencies) by appointment.

With over 22 years of experience, Dr. Christopher Phillip has practiced chiropractic around the globe and now brings his expertise to Belize. AmeriCare Chiropractic welcomes new patients whether they have a history of receiving chiropractic care elsewhere or whether they are first-timers.  Bring your medical history and scans if you have them or establish a treatment plan in-office with their MyoVision scan.  How cool is this?!

To make an appointment call or WhatsApp +501-625-1040 or email or send a message through their Facebook page (AmeriCare Caribbean Chiropractic). 

placencia chiropractor
Placencia practice on the sidewalk in the Tipsy Strip

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