April 18, 2024

6 thoughts on “Healthcare in Belize- Public Clinics

  1. Oh my, What a day for you and Mitch. Sounds like you handled this emergency with the swift action of a super mom. We are proud of both you and your little guy. Good luck to parasite Pam also…(you crack me up)

    1. Thanks Aunt Donna! Never a dull moment with this kid. Parasite Pam is fully recovered now but has a horrendous and funny story of survival- I’ve asked her to guest post here with her Belize healthcare experience. Stay tuned

  2. Wow, what an ordeal for all of you! So glad Mitch is all healed up and no after effects. He will surely grow up to be a resilient trooper. On to the next adventure! Looking forward to reading about it.

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