Hobbs Brewing opens their Brew Barge venue in Placencia

hobbs brewing co brew barge placencia belize

The looooong anticipated opening of Hobbs Brewing Co.’s Brew Barge is finally happening!  Peninsula residents and visitors alike have been anxiously waiting to see what precisely Hobbs would do with that hulking big barge in their marina; renovations have been start-and-stop over the past 14 months (which is no real surprise given the erratic nature of life amid a global pandemic) but are finally complete and they are ready to throw open their doors- or, more accurately, drop their gangplanks to the public.

It is my supreme pleasure to give my readers a sneak peek at the new Brew Barge, opening to the public this week- July 1st!  You guys I’m so excited for this place; it is going to be an outstanding addition to the amenities on the peninsula and give travelers (local and international) yet another reason to pick Placencia as a destination.  The venue is massive and modern, with a state-of-the-art kitchen and a highly celebrated chef (Cesar Gomez, who’s ran the restaurants at several top resorts in Belize).  The barge has beautiful bathrooms, expansive dining and entertainment areas, and a bar with all of Hobbs craft beers on draft.  Draft beer is a big deal in Belize- a rarity, a special treat!  There will even be a cigar lounge and gift shop.

In addition to the barge, the venue includes the large lawn leading in to the marina.  Volleyball courts and soccer fields can be used by patrons.  How fresh and fun!  I can’t wait to see some local leagues start up: horseshoes and brews anyone?! 

The soft-opening event we attended this weekend was wonderful and showcased a few of the distinctive menu items that will help further establish the Brew Barge as a unique and trendsetting place to meet-up, hang-out, and dine at.  Think elevated pub fare with a nautical twist: Charley Noble chicken wings, Salty Sailor fried pickles, even big doughy Bavarian Pretzels.

We ended up staying later than I planned because I didn’t want to leave before the promised Chef’s special presentation.  I wasn’t certain what to expect but I was envisioning something like you’d see on a cruise ship, where all the waiters come out with flaming Baked Alaska’s on their heads… it wasn’t that!  It was so much better.  After sampling all five beers they had on tap, and then RE-sampling them all, this Chef’s presentation was way better than a dessert fire dance.  It was MEAT!  Heaps of beautifully charred, tender, juicy meats.  Chef Cesar sliced and diced and handed out samples of delectable steak and ribs to the delight of all in attendance.

So not only will Hobbs Brew Barge be the place to grab a cold draft after a sweaty game of soccer, it will also be the place to indulge in a decent steak dinner and a fine cigar from the humidor.  It will be the place to host birthday bashes and weddings and baby showers.  Wouldn’t this make a great venue for Mistletoe Ball?  What are you excited to see or try at Hobbs?  Are you going to check it out this weekend?  Let me know in the comments!

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