June 24, 2024

13 thoughts on “I have a dream for Belize Tourism

    1. Oh man, well, even if I was qualified (which I’m not)… I don’t think I could go back to having a real job. They’d probably want me to work monday through friday. I’m retired remember?

  1. I have to say, on a big trip I did in Feb/Mar 2020 I did to Florida, I went from swimming with the manatees in Homosassa to visit the Turtle 🐢 Hospital in Marathon in the Keys. It was an amazing and wonderful stop to visit with the turtles and see the lifesaving rehabs and things done there. As I’m moving to Maya Beach in July, I would be thrilled to see this come to fruition and help in any way I could.

    1. Right?!? Belize has such an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife with the potential to protect and share it with visitors in a sustainable and conscientious way if it’s done right, right from the beginning fingers crossed!

      1. Am from Uganda I would like to enjoy the Belize tourism industry with my five family member .What is the best cheaper hotels in Belize city ?

        1. I need to spend more time in Belize City, I wouldn’t have a clue about their hotels. We usually overnight nearby at the Belize Zoo’s Tropical Education Center- that’s a lovely experience and very affordable (meals included).

      2. Just so you know, I will volunteer my time to you to help you with this. I was blown away by The Turtle Hospital in Marathon Florida.
        I will share pics with you in July when I get there!!

  2. Before you go any further you need to talk to marine wildlife conservationists about whether this is a good idea. If you get someone on board there, they would likely have the ability to guide you about funding and finding grants and such to help.

    1. man! that disappearing money is so wild to me and it’s like it is just SO common that people don’t even bat an eye over it they’re just like “oh darn, better luck next time”

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