April 18, 2024

9 thoughts on “Know your tropical food- Jicama

  1. Wow – I guess suggesting you do an orange, Marie Sharp snack won’t entice you. I actually like it especially when I trying to be good on my diet – I like the crunch, with the sweetness of the orange and the pepper
    Flavor – yum – what about cilantro – lots of folks don’t like that either ?

    1. I like cilantro! Yeah I just don’t see how I could dress up the jicama enough to make it enticing. Maybe I’ll try again now that I know how good it is for you.

  2. I remember it tasting a bit like a potato. I am glad to know that you at least tried it again. Thanks for sharing Meg ❤

  3. The version you have available sound like nothing I have ever had. And I live jicama! They are crunchy like an apple and taste sorta like a peas. Maybe your versions are dry and fiberous. Sounds like you are eating last years crop or a different version than what we can buy at the store here in Colorado.

  4. They are awful. That crunch – ugh. Righty up there with water chestnuts which I detest and both pretty tasteless. Couldn’t agree with you more!

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