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Know your tropical fruit- Star Apple - Real Life Recess

Know your tropical fruit- Star Apple

star apple belize

I spied something new-to-me at the veggie stand this week so I asked the friendly fellow behind the counter what it was. A Star Apple!

Noel at Clive’s stand, next to the basketball court, is so kind and patient and never rolls his eyes (in front of me at least) when I ask stupid questions about peculiar produce or preparations. He even anticipated my follow up question: how do I eat it? Being an “apple” I (wrongly) assumed I’d just bite right in and eat it as such. I’m glad I asked because that is NOT the way.

Slice it in half or quarters. You can eat it like an orange slice if in quarters or scoop out with a spoon if in half. You don’t eat the outside as the rind is both milky and waxy… I know, so odd!

A google search revealed to me that Star Apples are rich in antioxidants- based on the deep purple color, I was sort of expecting that- and that a tree grown from a seed can start producing fruit in as little as 4 years, wow! I think I might just have to try bringing up one of these fast-growing fruit trees.

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