Know Your Tropical Fruit: Starfruit

starfruit grown in Belize

Starfruit, originally native to Southeast Asia, has been gaining popularity worldwide and is now being cultivated in many tropical regions- including Belize.  This uniquely shaped fruit is easy to identify; slice a cross section and you immediately see where the star fruit gets its name.

It isn’t something you necessarily see at every produce stand, every day… more of an occasional treat.  You might find small bags of star fruit being peddled at speed bumps or by wandering vendors walking the villages. 

Star fruit is a pale green that turns yellow as it ripens.  The flavor is reminiscent of a SweetTart- a bit sour a bit saccharine.  The whole fruit is edible, just discard the few seeds if you find them.  A slice of star fruit looks picture perfect garnishing a daquiri, don’t you think?

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