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A Long Weekend in key West Florida - Real Life Recess

A long weekend in Key West Florida

Soak up the Sun in Key West- Real Life Recess

My parents spent the month of November in a rented house in Key West. We traveled down to see them for Thanksgiving.


Rodden Key West house- Real Life Recess

The November home for the Roddens


We flew Spirit airlines (probably my least favorite airline: a “budget” carrier that nickel and dimes you to death for the privilege of cramming yourself in to one of their tiny faux leather seats) from Atlantic City to Ft. Lauderdale then rented a car to drive down the Keys.


While we’d been to Key West before, we’d never driven there, and we’d never seen any of the other Keys. If you don’t hate driving I’d really recommend taking this route. Flying on a holiday weekend was expensive and to get the connecting flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West’s airport would have been a budget buster so we opted to drive the rest of the way to save money and also because plenty of people told us it was an easy and scenic drive. So if you’re willing to make a little more effort to get to your destination in order to save a bit of money- drive, and enjoy the views.


Views from the road- Real Life Recess

Gorgeous views


View driving to Key West- Real Life Recess

Good looking water


Stop along the way for lunch, drinks or just a snack. There is of course no shortage of bars and seafood restaurants along the way. On Thanksgiving afternoon we were pleased to find a little Spanish juice bar that was open. Unassuming, in a strip mall- this place exceeded our wildest expectations.

The Juice House in key West- Real Life Recess

Phil had this massive Cuban pork sandwich for $7 and they had delicious, cheap, filling empanadas and fried plantains.

Phil Pork sandwich at the Juice House- Real Life Recess

Phil’s Thanksgiving day lunch


With the edge taken off our holiday hunger we continued the rest of the way to Key West, stopping along the way to take a few pictures of course. Standouts along the way included Islamorada’s multitude of cute shops and restaurants, the seven mile bridge over turquoise waters, and spotting Key Deer on Big Pine.

The Rain Barrel- Real Life Recess

A cool flea market with lots of little shops

Key West Deer- Real Life Recess

Deer hanging out next to the road



We saw cyclists aplenty the entire length of Rt. 1 and I’d love to stay on one of the middle or upper Keys next time and just devote a day or two to riding a bike along the route.

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