January 22, 2022

2 thoughts on “Mayan site? yeah right

  1. You are doing great work improving GA!The only thing I'm missing is the overview on the start page, from the old version. You could log in to your account, and see at a glance, which sites that where gaining in traffic, and which that was noeatlP.se bring that back.

  2. I also live on Cottage Grove. When I’m out and about the neighborhood, there is always some sign that is encouraging – a flower budding beside broken bottles or a little tree that has started along the curb just trying to survive. I’m trying to form a non-profit organization called Lots of Hope, Inc. (You are first to know about this!) The goal is to give back to the vacant lots and to the neighborhood what has been taken – purpose and beauty. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your story. I needed this encouragement today.Nancy Tetzlaff

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