May 23, 2024

5 thoughts on “More Sustainable Tourism Development Ideas For Placencia

  1. We could use more Placencia themed t-shirts, so how about selling some with the clever hashtag (eg #pleasantplacencia) not a suggestion just an example

  2. Great article as usual Meg. I am going to the sea glass event in cape may this year. Ill think of you, you were always a lover of that kind of thing, artsy young lady you are. Cant wait to visit you again. Love, Aunt Donna…your 70 yr old mothers much younger sister.

  3. Hello Meg, love the “More Sustainable Tourism Development Ideas For Placencia” section about painting the businesses, my thought is to shoot out a advertiment on some of the Facebook pages about getting the community together to paint (maybe) one business at a time every week/month. Maybe have some of the hardware store donate some paint? Just having 10-20 people could knock out a small building in 1-2 hours. We just need to have the business owners onboard to make it work too.


    1. I love the idea! I’d love if that could actually work but I’ve just watched Therese Westby STRUGGLE to get Placencia’s primary school painted over the Easter Break… it barely got done and she is the undisputed master of fundraising/ drumming up donations and volunteers in this community. She got a handful of helpers and the bare minimum of supplies together and basically did that project herself. Maybe there is a natural ebb and flow to giving/ volunteerism and it was just bad timing… but it made me sad more people didn’t answer the call. (and I include myself- I’m disappointed in my lack of effort too, I gave about 2 hours of labor during a 2 week project and I totally recognize I could’ve done a lot more) Maybe the beginning of September when patriotic spirit is extra high, that would be the time to strike.

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