December 2, 2022

2 thoughts on “Moving to Belize to Work- Mental Health and Social Services

  1. Wow Meg, this is an honest post with alot of good information. I agree with your co-worker who said you can empathize but not relate. I find that everywhere, you just cant completely understand someone elses experience in life. I saw how different life is in Belize and it is what it is…its their way of life. Thanks for another great lesson.

  2. Great article Megs. Your points were well made. Belize IS a different world than any expat, from almost any other country, will relate to. The realization is quite shocking. Coming from an industry where groups of men and women create buildings with the aid of machines, watching Const progress here is painful. But that is just how it is. EVERYTHING here is much less sophisticated than a modern society. Simple if you will. There in lies the charm and the burden of Belize.

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