North of town- coolness continues

stole this pic from Google images, we were too exhausted at this point in our journey to take any photos

stole this pic from Google images, we were too exhausted at this point in our journey to take any photos

After our somewhat disappointing exploration south of town we decided to explore north of town, which is a lot more exciting. Over the bridge you will find a movie theater, yoga retreats, restaurants, bars, a freakin casino, and housing developments of modest condominiums to downright palatial mansions.

The island extends for some 20 miles north and the road is rough!  We made it all the way up to the large casino (we didn’t bother going in to check it out though, we live 15 minutes from Atlantic City after all so casinos in all their bells and whistles glory don’t call us as strongly as other vacationers) before our aching rear ends and quivering quads called it quits and turned around.

Since our trip I’ve read a lot of ex-pat blogs that say they ride along the beach to get up and down the island… a path on the beach! Why didn’t I think of that?!  Coasting along the shore would certainly be a lot easier than the “road”- no potholes or small boulders to navigate around and you’d probably catch a breeze off the water.  Damn, live and learn I suppose.  There is also a water taxi to take you to places north of the bridge but we didn’t try that.  I highly recommend a trip north of town for the following things:

The Palapa Bar

new palapa dock



new palapa tubes


This iconic bar is set at the end of a dock over the beautiful azure waters of the Caribbean sea.  Sit is the shade of the thatched roof and gaze out at the reef while you sip a Panty Ripper (pineapple juice and coconut rum; way too sweet for my discerning palate but seems to be a favorite among the Belizeans and vacationers).  Or sun and soak yourself in one of the inner tubes they have anchored to the pier- they’ll lower a bucket of beer tied to a rope to your tube from the bar above.  If that’s not cool, I guess I don’t know what is.  Seriously though- why do we not have this along the Jersey Shore?

DJ’s Seaside Bar       


Great (no- for real, they are great) burgers and a lovely location, this colorful little lounge is a top notch place to stop for drinks and above average bar bites.  It’s located on the beach just before you cross the bridge and all the sits between it and the sea is a park and playground.  We really enjoyed lingering over our meal while we watched the local kids play on the basketball court and kick the soccer ball around with enviable skill.

Kama Lounge

kama lounge

This seaside lounge has a Miami club feel to it.  Plush furniture, VIP areas, cool lighting and satin hangings blowing in the breeze.  We popped in here briefly during a slow time of day but the bartender told us this place gets crazy.  A group of British soldiers and some goodtime-gals from the states were revelers the day before and let’s just say you wouldn’t want to take a dip in the pool that’s the centerpiece to the lounge area.

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  • Wow, Meg… looks like fun times. I’ll have to get down to the Caribbean sometime. Looks like you weren’t too far from Jessie & Dustin. They got married last week and were in Playa Del Carmen Aug 3-10, right up the road it seems. Angela and I are currently looking for a nice beach to inhabit for a week or so.

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