Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department- putting the FUN in fundraising

The PVFD and Barefoot Beach bar hosted a fun and unique fundraiser this past Sunday- a village wide scavenger hunt.  Participants donated $30 per person and formed teams to compete for a $500 cash grand prize (donated by local businesses and individuals).


It’s no secret that our Fire Department is woefully underfunded by the National Fire Service; national resources must be shared and are limited and I’m sure we’re not the only community that feels we could do with an injection of capital to maintain and upgrade our facilities. One of our most pressing needs at the moment is replacing our fire truck which is antiquated, ill-equipped, and literally breaking in half.

There seems to be an abundance of “giving opportunities” in this community. There’s always a student that needs tuition, or animals that need food and veterinary care, or someone’s family member needs a medical procedure. Sometimes it feels like there’s a charity BBQ sale every day of the week and a silent auction each weekend.

When the PVFD began rethinking their fundraising events one thing was apparent: we had to break out of the usual routine. People seemed to have “compassion fatigue” and if we were going to garner support, we needed to stir up some excitement around our events. “Floatchella” a floating bar crawl for a cause was so much fun and successful we’re doing it again in January!

This Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt was another super fun and fanciful event with amusing and playful photo ops.

Teams of 3-6 people registered at Barefoot then were set loose on the village with a menu of items to collect, an index of elements to document, and a list of challenges to complete. Some examples: Kiss a turtle and give love to a beach dog


Some of the challenges made for the most memorable photos. “Clown Cart” asked participants how many people they could fit on a golf cart.

“Lawless” asked them to get a picture of a teammate handcuffed to a police officer.


We also sent them “council hunting” to get a picture with as many members of village council, past or present, they could track down.

They needed to re-create a famous scene from Titanic and find an outside shower.

In total, 17 people participated in this FUNdraiser and the winning team, the Placencia Humane Society Rock Stars, donated their winnings back to PVFD making the proceeds of the event $1080.
We sure hope the community is enjoying these events for such a worthy cause and that more community members participate in future fundraisers.

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