September is for Seagrapes

Okay I realize I’m late with this post; it is October already and therefore apple cider and pumpkin spice season, BUT September is for seagrapes.

Last weekend, after returning from my private island girl’s getaway on Little Harvest Caye, I took Mitch for a long walk to give my champion husband some much needed quiet time. Poor Phil gets stuck holding down house duties while I get to galivant at luxury resorts (like this time) or sip handcrafted cocktails by the pool (one of a few times) and he never complains!

So I took the little guy and his friend for a beach stroll up the coast. We went FAR for little legs but lucked in to wandering under a sea grape tree dropping ripe fruit on the beach. We stopped for a snack! Mitch declined the offer but Nemar and I enjoyed our found food.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to procure sea grapes, they aren’t all that good in my opinion. With large pits and a thin flesh, they don’t satisfy the way other grape varietals do. But they also don’t cost $17 bzd a bag at the veggie stand like the imported grapes do SO I won’t be to critical of them. They remain a local novelty food and probably one of the flavors Belizeans abroad long for when reminiscing about the tastes of home. Who knows, maybe one far-future day Mitch will feel nostalgic for his beachcombing childhood in Placencia when he eats sea grapes.

Read this Fire Hearth article from The Breeze (our local publication) by Lyra Spang, owner and guide with Taste Belize tours and a food anthropologist. She’s a superstar writer, ridiculously interesting, and she’ll inspire you to try food you’ve never even heard of. Belizean Food Memories

And for more about sea grapes check out uncommoncaribbean

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