February 29, 2024

7 thoughts on “South Africans in Belize

  1. Thanks for entertaining article. DO not forget several Saafis preferring places other than Placencia. I prefer the Maya hills near Belmopan….

  2. My husband Pieter Steunenberg and I have lived in Belize for 14 years. We have managed LaruBeya resort and Turtle Inn in Placencia, The Farm Inn (owned by my SA sister Renee and her hubby Kevin Brown) in Toledo, Black Rock Lodge in Cayo and currently proud to be at Mystic River Resort. If you ever decide on a SAFFA get together -let us know!!

    1. Oh my word you’ve been all over Belize and in great resorts! Black Rock was on my short list this year to try to visit but I haven’t gotten there yet. I think my SA friend Julia and her boys would LOVE to come out to Mystic River for an overnight and braai (see what I did there?) maybe during this school holiday. I’ll start planning it soon!

  3. This is so wonderful to hear! I’m South African, my husband Belgian. We currently reside in Belgium but am looking into Belize for the next chapter of our lives. Can’t wait for covid to lift so we can visit.

    1. Oh wow how interesting! I can’t wait to hear what you think of Belize after your scouting trip. We’ve done surprisingly, incredibly well with covid here and I’m feeling like the end is in sight!

  4. I am originally from Cape Town and have been in Belize over 3 years residing in Belmopan
    I have been the consultant responsible for the Coastal Highway upgrade
    605 1727

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