Things I’ll miss about America- Craft Beer!

A vast and varying beer selection is something I’ll miss about living in the US. The beer scene in Belize is… limited.

Belikin has a monopoly on the market so your choice in beer is confined to their Lighthouse Lager, Belikin regular and Belikin Stout, and Guinness (not real Guinness though, this Guinness is brewed by Belikin. So weird)

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 6.25.32 PM

You can sometimes find Heineken imported from the Caribbean along with Red Stripe or Carib.  Belikin makes seasonal and special edition brews in limited quantities but these aren’t readily available to tourists in the beach bars.  Once we make the move I’ll have Phil talk to the local distributor about getting us supplies of the seasonals when they’re available.

Here in South Jersey, Phil and I are downright spoiled when it comes to beer choices.  NJ has dozens of breweries and brewpubs and they’re all producing darn good beer.  Some of our favorites: River Horse Brewing Co., Kane Brewing Co., Cricket Hill Brewery, Boaks, and Flying Fish Brewing Co..

Wingcraft tap handles

Vagabond Tap House Beer Chalkboard

Most bars here now have at least one craft beer on tap and a lot of bars have several craft brews for your sampling.  New Jersey has plenty of beer festivals too.  Atlantic City for example has a massive beer and music festival every spring at the convention center with over 100 breweries in attendance.


Each brewery has a few beers on offer so there are literally hundreds of beers to try.  It’s what I imagine heaven is like except that your shoes stick to the floor and there’s an hour long line for the bathroom.

AC Beer and Music Fest 2015 - Real Life Recess

New Jersey also has a few wineries and seasonal wine festivals.  There aren’t any good NJ wines (plenty of people would probably dispute that but we’re no Napa valley and I find most NJ wines to be cloyingly sweet and thick) but imported wines of all varietals are readily available and reasonably priced.

Belize does not produce wine; well not wine in the traditional sense.  Belize turns out some fruit wines like cashew, ginger, and blackberry wine but no grape varietals.

Imported wine is becoming more popular, I assume with the growing number of expats, but is pretty over-priced in my opinion.  Placencia has a lovely restaurant called Rumfish y Vino that has a nice selection of wine, creative cocktails, upscale dining menu and a posh décor.

San Pedro has an actual wine and cheese shop called Wine de Vine and several fine dining eateries with wine lists.  I read in other blogs that some restaurants like Casa Picasso host wine tasting dinners on occasion.  I don’t expect this is the norm in areas of Belize that aren’t populated with tourists and expats but it’s nice to know if you have it in your budget to splurge a bit there are venues for you to indulge in decent wine.  I’ll probably just stick to Belikin for the most part or One Barrel Rum and sodas for a change of pace.


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