What’s happening on the Tipsy Strip this weekend

The Tipsy Strip is a hub of shops and restaurants on the sidewalk near… you guessed it: Tipsy Tuna.  I’ve been watching some changes to the Strip in the past weeks and some exciting things are happening in that little section.

If it’s been awhile since you walked the sidewalk here then you might be surprised to see a few new additions to this segment of walkway.  There are two new tour operator’s offices: Capt. Dermin Shrivers Fishing Charters and DTOURZ/ Doyle’s Smoke Yaad retail shop.  Dermin is the dude for fly fishing and Doyle is the dude for Cockscomb tours (and smoked fish dip, yum!)  There’s also a new chiropractor in practice part-time, as he splits his days between here and Spanish Lookout.  Check out AmeriCare Caribbean Chiropractic for scheduling.

Super Sales

Landero’s Art Gallery is having a blow-out sale on paintings- beautiful original canvas pieces are discounted 50% or more.  Open Friday and Saturday 9-5.  Don’t miss this opportunity to snag a wonderful piece at a rock bottom price.  BelizeEasy Gift Shop is also having some super sales such as 25% off Cayetano kids shirts and all their neon Keep Calm and Party in Belize shirts are just $20bz.

Special Events

Angel Delight’s bakery is under new ownership and will be having a special event on Saturday with mini cupcake giveaway (after 10am while supplies last) and cake specials all day.  Don’t forget to place your orders for Father’s Day- it will be here before you know it!

On Sunday the new Real Estate Agency (because if there’s one thing Placencia needed it was another Real Estate office ::kidding!:: I don’t know what this tiny village has more of- real estate offices or grocery stores haha), International Property Group will be having their launch party.  Pop in to their new office, formerly where Sunova Beach Gift Shop was (Sunova is moving down to the newly built shop at the end on the Strip), and meet the team.  Find out why this agency is different from the rest. The first 100 people get free drink vouchers to redeem at Tipsy Tuna.  Live music and merriment to follow!

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