Unique food tour to the Spice Farm in Southern Belize

belize spice farm and botanical garden

Another food tour post!  Belize is killing it when it comes to agritourism and I must admit, I’m IN to it!  It’s fun, it’s flavorful, it’s educational…what could be better?  In Southern Belize we have a bounty of bananas, a surplus of citrus, a plethora of papaya, a copious amount of cacao, and too many mangoes.  The climate is conducive to year-round growing and the soil is rich; which was the inspiration for the creation of the Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden– a beautifully special property you should visit during your vacation.

I visited this fascinating farm and gorgeous garden as part of my Taste Belize Tour with Lyra (you might remember this post about the top tour guide in Placencia).  We had first visited Ixcacao and learned about traditional Maya chocolate making (read about it here) before arriving to the Spice Farm to wander the resplendent gardens and learn about the sublime spices that flavor our food.

The property grows acres of teak and has an onsite wood working shop.  They grow all kinds of spices like pepper and cinnamon and cardamon.  Do you know why vanilla is so special and expensive?  They pollinate the flowers by hand with q-tips every morning while in bloom!  Can you imagine?!

You can opt to either stroll the paths or ride in their tractor-pulled trolley for your tour and of course, samples are provided fresh from the branches.

End your tour in the gift shop and grab some goodies to bring home with you.  I think consumables make much better souvenirs than tacky tee-shirts or fridge magnets anyway!  The shop is bursting with goodies and there’s also a restaurant that I didn’t try this time but can’t wait to get back to for lunch someday soon.

Have you ever been to the Belize Spice Farm?  How gorgeous would this be for a wedding?! It’s apparently for sale too so if you have like 6 million dollars laying around and love lotus flowers… email me at megan@belizepropertyshop.com haha!

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