What a CROC!

If you’re looking to break up the nightly party scene in San Pedro with a different activity one evening you should surely take a croc tour. This educational outing isn’t offered every night so find a local that can get you in touch with the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) guys to reserve one of the few spaces on their skiff.


For a $40 per person fee that is actually a donation to the croc rescue you get a 2-3 hour  tour around the lagoon and mangroves while you scan the water’s surface with a spot light and look for the shining eyes of crocodiles.  The ACES boat leaves from the lagoon dock in the big housing development just north of the bridge (across from Kama lounge).  There is a bar and pool area you can wait at until the tour is ready to shove off.

On our tour we didn’t have to wait long to spot a croc.  We were hardly out of the boat slip before the guides spied a little croc under a building across the lagoon.  You should know that the guides are biologists that use the tours to collect data, tag and check the health of the crocs they catch before re-releasing them in safe areas.  We were so lucky because the particular croc we caught hadn’t been captured before AND it was just big enough for the guide to determine its sex.

Guide with croc eyes

guide with croc


After they assessed the little girl croc they passed her around the boat and everyone got an opportunity to hold her and take some pictures.

I literally took a dozen photos of Phil holding the croc and NOT ONE of them is with his eyes open

I’m probably begging Phil to let me keep her

There was another couple in our group that was also from New Jersey so when the guides asked us if we’d like to name the croc while they tagged her and started a file on her we decided on Snooki- she even had a little bump on her head.

see the resemblance?

see the resemblance?

love ya Snooks mkay, bye!

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  • Ahh, Belize! This is the only way I want to meet up with a croc! Looks like a lot of fun. I had a similar opportunity to hold one years ago in Florida and thankfully about the same size. I didn’t kiss it on the first date though ;)

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