May 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “What’s the Water Company doing now?

  1. Hey Meg…Cool writeup! I helped put together the Belize NDC (Paris Climate Agreement) with gov’t. The MOU for solid waste fee collection is one of long term climate change initiatives. The change should be helpful on both points. Also, Belize City is on sewer system with wastewater treatment.

    1. wow that’s awesome Rhonda! Belize City does have a sewer system?! How come they don’t flush paper? Maybe not everyone is connected. That’s good to know though- I thought no where in the country had

  2. Hi Megan, I just saw your article. First -there are sewage treatments in Belize see
    Second the main purpose on the peninsula ( and most important) would have been to do a treatment and waste water facility, that was the main reason and argument for nationalizing the water boards. (and it still is as all the septics via leach fields that are working more or less efficient, disperse the untreated effluent into the sea (not just on the peninsula but also the growing communities on the mainland). Yes, the water demand is outgrowing the supply line. However Maya Beach and North-wards has a separate water supply. The current initiative of BWS is in my opinion not an improvement but doubling up an existing supply system and without adding a sewage line at the same time- a mayor waste of money, resources and probably causing more damage to current infrastructure hence not a solution to the problem.

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