January 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “Why your next vacation should be at an “airbnb”-type property instead of a Hotel or Resort

  1. Wonderful blog about AirBnBs. I couldn’t agree more about getting away from the hotel chains and enjoying the local people, supporting the local economy, enjoying unique lodging, and sometimes really getting off the grid. Are there any AirBnB type places you can tell me about near the Placencia area that are beachfront/oceanview? Also, we will be in Belize (second time) for two weeks in November. In addition to staying around Placencia, I am looking for somewhere up or down the coast. Avoiding Belize City and downtown San Pedro this trip.
    Thanks for your advice!

    1. Thanks Keith! How exciting- planning your second trip to Belize. Aside from Placencia, the other main coastal destination on the mainland is Hopkins (about an hour north of the peninsula) but don’t limit yourself to the sea side! Consider splitting your time between the beach and jungle- you won’t be disappointed. The Cayo district is wonderful! Close by (about 3 hour drive from Placencia) but worlds different; rolling hills of farmland and citrus groves, soaring jungle-shrouded mountains, maya ruins scattered all over the place, more caves and waterfalls than you can shake a stick at! Any of the jungle lodges are wonderful or you can stay in San Ignacio town and walk around- street food is so cheap and incredible. For AirB&B recommendations on the beach in Placencia I really like Sandy Feet or Tradewinds Cabanas for budget travel and Ohana beachfront cottage or the townhouses at Sunset Pointe for a bit of a splurge. But really, you can’t go wrong- wherever you pick! And as you know, the beach is never far away no matter where you are on the peninsula. Happy hunting!

      1. Oh and I forgot another great budget place on the beach, just outside of the village, next to Roberts Grove. Tranquility suites! You can message Flowers Property management about those- 2 bedroom units with kitchens, shared pool and BBQ area, only around $100 per night!

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